Tide Power’s exhibition at the 135th Canton Fair has successfully concluded

Tide Power’s exhibition at the 135th Canton Fair has successfully concluded

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On April 19th, the first phase of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair), with the theme of "serving high-quality development and promoting high-level opening up", successfully concluded in Guangzhou. At this global economic and trade event, Tide Power has won widespread praise and attention for its innovative products and forward-looking strategic layout.

At the 135th Canton Fair, Tide Power showcased the latest achievements of the company in the fields of generator sets, construction machinery, and water pump units from multiple dimensions. Through high-performance, strong output, safe noise reduction, and stable operation products, Tide Power presented a matrix layout of innovation driven technology, manufacturing upgrading, and building a full category industrial chain.

The Canton Fair, as an important window for China's opening-up, provides a platform for enterprises to showcase and exchange with the world. During this period, the Tide Power team actively negotiated with domestic and foreign buyers, achieving impressive market results and further contributing to the internationalization development of the enterprise. In the face of profound changes and challenges in the global energy landscape, Tide Power will seize every international exchange opportunity, actively embrace global market demand, continue to expand overseas markets with high-quality products and services, enhance international competitiveness, and provide professional energy solutions for global customers.

The emergence of new productive forces is driven by revolutionary technological breakthroughs, innovative allocation read more of production factors, and deep industrial transformation and upgrading, which is the latest requirement for high-quality economic development. In the future, Tide Power will continue to increase investment in innovation and research and development, driven by new quality productivity, significantly improve production efficiency and quality, launch more high-quality and high-performance products, meet the diversified needs of the global market, promote the transformation of the traditional energy industry towards intelligence and green, form a healthier and more sustainable industrial structure, and jointly draw a blueprint for a better future life.

As a professional energy solution provider, Tide Power has a comprehensive global supply chain system and service network. We aim for green and low-carbon development and continue to contribute to the global power industry. Let's look forward to the next meeting together!

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